It's the healing power of love!
Mary de la Pena (M.J. to those who know her) met her Prince Charming, a well-known and well-respected criminal defense lawyer, when she worked as a county prosecutor. As with most fairy tales, their story begins with a "cute-meet" when M.J. went against Prince Charming in trial. Although they were adversaries, for them it was mutual admiration and respect at first sight. Shortly thereafter, M.J. left the D.A.'s office to join Prince Charming in private practice.Within a year after that, they were married, and they are still married more than twenty years later.

When not writing, Mary de la Pena continues to practice criminal defense in the De La Pena Law Office with her husband and two other younger attorneys/ She specializes in handling very serious felony trials, specifically for those clients who are charged with rape, domestic violence, and murder with gang allegations. In her career, the State of California has appointed her to represent some of the most dangerous inmates of the California prison system. To her credit as a high powered criminal defense lawyer in Southern California she is well known and respected be local judges and prosecutors for her writings skills as well as her visionary defenses of her clients. 

In her free time she has written several police procedural novels in the Murder Most... Series, the Detective Jake Swanson's murder mysteries, and the recently released An Immigrant American Hero.
Scruggs and Samantha are her foray into non-fiction

Through all of her life, in both good times and band times, M.J. was surrounded by her animals. They have brought her strength and the life-lessons she needed to learn. Thus, Scruggs and Samantha is more than just a story about a miracle dog and tiny black kitten; it is also the life-story of a remarkable woman and her ongoing love affair with her law partner husband. 

What happens to Prince Charming and Cinderella twenty years into their marriage? Is their marriage still filled with love, or did the passage of time and the stresses of life erode what was once beautiful? If life did erase the beauty of their love, can they ever find their way back?

Scruggs and Samantha, How a Shelter Dog and Kitten Saved Cinderella's Marriage is a literary non-fiction memoir that sets out to answer this question in the telling of the story of a modern day Cinderella and her prince.  

Mary de la Pena is the modern-day Cinderella, married to her Prince Charming, her law partner/husband. Twenty years into their marriage and high powered criminal defense lawyer partnership, Mary suffers a period of emotional and professional losses, while her prince descends into a hell of physical infirmity. It is only when she adopts a shelter dog and kitten in an attempt to salvage her shattered soul that she rediscovers God's angels, and a way back to the love she once had for her prince.  
Unconditional Love
By Sandy Sue Bright

Anyone who has owned a cat or dog should be able to relate to this book. The author shows how they give their masters unconditional love no matter how bad their day has gone and how we should do the same in our relationships. I loved this book, Scruggs and Samantha and would highly recommend it for anyone who loves animals.

The positive of pets
By Cheryl J Gilbert 

Life is just plain difficult at times and our pets are there to give unconditional love. This book is a great example of how pets can help us through life's difficulties, bring us together and offer much needed love and support. It is a cute story of love gone stale and the spark rekindled with the help of Scruggs and Samantha! A nice summer read for the beach.

Pets Rule!
By Carol Roddy 

Scruggs and Samantha is a must read for anyone owned by dogs and/or cats. This book is not just about a cat and a dog. It's about the emotions they bring out in us and ultimately their positive impact on our lives. You'll laugh, you'll cry and ultimately you're faith in "happy endings" will be restored. Those not owned by dogs and/or cats should read this book. They'll gain a greater understanding/appreciation of their friends who do and why their pets are such an important/integral part of their lives.

Scruggs and Samantha to the Rescue
By Gerald Ronan

Sometimes even for Cinderellas and Princes Charming life can become an endless run of Mondays, a loaf of day old bread. Tired love, loss of loved ones, flat lined careers mark the days. Lassie to the rescue -- not quite -- an unlikely pair: a shelter dog and kitten take center stage. Just the process of their acquisition is an eye opener for the petless. It is love revisited for the initiated. Yes, it is a heart-warming tale of two tails and the lives they realign.

by D. Cassino

Don't ever doubt the power of your pets. They sense your emotions and know when you need their love and support. This book is a testament to the power of their unconditional love.and the sensitivity they bring into our lives when we need it most. A beautiful story that will touch any reader's heart. Thanks, MJ!